About Total Reward Statements

Total reward statements provide a comprehensive guide for employees to learn more about their reward benefits at BP. The website is restricted to BP personnel only.

Entering the website

Click on the 'start' button and enter your BP username and password in the pop-up login box that appears.

You can enter your username with or without the domain name: 'BP1\smithjm' or 'smithjm'.

Sometimes an email address is saved in the pop-up login box. If this happens you will need to overtype it with your BP username.

Personal reward information is only available to employees in Angola, Australia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the UK, the US and the Global Employment Company (GEC). To view this information you will have to complete the short registration process.

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For queries, contact Group Reward by email myReward@bp.com or telephone on +44 1932 738369.